Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Chain Of Apple Stores

The Apple Store is basically a chain of retail stores that is owned and run by the famous Apple Inc. The Apple stores sell iPhones smart phones, Mac computers, iPad tablets, Apple smart watches, iPod- media players, Apple TV Digi-player, Apple software, and all the third party related accessories.The first Apple store San Diego was originally opened in the two locations in the month of May, 2001 by its lawful CEO- Steve Jobs, after many years of attempting and failing onto a store within a store concept.
Looking onto a need for improving the retail presentation of Apple’s product line, Steve Job began with an effort to revamp the whole retail program in order to mend a stronger relationship with its consumers in the year 1997 hiring Ron Johnson in the year 2000. He then relaunched an online Apple store San Diego in the same year 1997 opening the first original two stores in the year 2001. Despite of the initial media conjecture that the Apple will be a big fail, both of the stores had a huge success, detouring the huge sales numbers of the othercompeting stores nearby and reaching US$1 billion in its three annual year sales, and thus became the fastest retail company in the history.
Apple has now been expanded its retail locations in geographical coverage by adding onto 498 stores worldwide. Its heavy sales of products have helped place Apple amongst the top-tier retailer stores, with its sales being about $16 billion all across the globe.

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